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Maryland woman’s faith leads to death of 2 children

Gloucester hospital
Gloucester hospital
Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

According to a January 19 article in CNN; a Maryland woman has been arrested and charged with murdering two of her children. The children are believed to have been stabbed to death during an attempted exorcism. The children were ages 1 and 2.

Is the belief in healing by faith under attack?

A couple that believes in faith healing was arrested after 2 of their children died from a lack of medical care. The story was reported by NBC-10 Philadelphia. An Amish couple in Ohio went into hiding to avoid chemotherapy for their daughter.

Both events are directly related to faith healing.

While faith is one key component in the healing process; it is not the only one. The Holy Bible offers a number of ways that a person can be healed. Prayer and oil are often the first things mentioned. According to some scholars, Jesus says that man would do greater works in physical healing than He did. This, according to some, is speaking to medicinal healing. But how do you convince others that there is room for both?

A second woman has been arrested and charged with murder.

Would you allow someone to perform an exorcism on you or a loved one?

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Source: CNN

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