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Maryland Wine Passport program makes it easier to drink around the state

So remember last year when I talked about my resolution to visit all 26 (at the time) open tasting rooms in the state? Well, while I made a siginificant dent in the state, a computer crash in the middle of the year saw me lose my list.

Seriously, not fun.

Luckily the folks at the Maryland Wineries Association have worked to make this a lot easier for folks like me who are willing and eager to take on the challenge of visiting all 40(!) of Maryland's wineries at least once this year by introducing the Maryland Wine Passport.

Free for a limited time -- and then it'll be around $2 -- you can pick up a passport at any of the open tasting rooms. As you travel the state, you can collect the specific codes associated with each winery. When the state website opens up (stay tuned), you can then enter the codes of your visted wineries and begin to receive incentives and invitations via email.

Rewards are earned for every 8 wineries visted, including discount tickets, winemaker receptions, and more!

The Amazing (wine) Race is on, folks! For more information call (410) 252-WINE or email


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