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Maryland spine and sports specialist advises multi-modalities to treat back pain

Dr. John P. Collins is the founding partner of Maryland Spine and Sports Medicine.
Dr. John P. Collins is the founding partner of Maryland Spine and Sports Medicine.
Photo courtesy:Collins Family

Maryland spine and sports specialist Dr. John P. Collins believes the best treatment for relieving low back pain involves using a multi-modality approach.

In an exclusive, Partners in Health and Biz radio show interview, Dr. Collins highlighted his findings.

“There are various treatments out there and depending on the individual, certain treatments may be more effective than others, but really taking a combination of approaches, I think, is the most effective,” he explained.

Collins is a physiatrist, a medical doctor who treats medical conditions that cause pain or limit function. Physiatrists are also called physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians. They receive four years of post-graduate training, and treat problems of the musculoskeletal system.

When it comes to the decision of what treatment will best benefit a patient and relieve their discomfort, Dr. Collins reflected, “Again, any treatment starts first and foremost with making a complete and accurate diagnosis,” he continued. “That requires a comprehensive history and physical exam. One has to look at how the person moves and what are the things that are putting them at risk.”

Other questions addressed by Collins during the one-hour interview included, but were not limited to: What causes sciatica? What should you do if you hurt your back? What is the best pain medication? How do you choose a specialist to treat back pain? And, which type of specialist is best?

To listen to the entire Partners in Health and Biz radio interview, visit the PIH radio website.

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