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Maryland needs a governor like NJ's Chris Christie

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Earlier this week New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a Republican, stood up to one group that Martin O’Malley would never dare cross: public school teachers.

While speaking to a small crowd in Rutherford, Christie told an irritated teacher that if she doesn’t like the pay, she doesn’t “have to do it.”

(Click here to see a slideshow on Christie.)

The teacher was upset because Christie had imposed a pay freeze and made changes concerning teachers’ benefits in order to avoid budget cuts to New Jersey’s education system.

Maryland needs a governor like Christie!

Could you imagine if the corrupt and selfish teachers union in Baltimore City was told NO? They would most likely protest and act like the children they teach.

While public school teachers have an important job, for some reason they are revered by many as if they are combat veterans. They should not be. After all, they don’t even work all year long.

It would be great if Maryland’s next governor could possess the necessary fortitude to make tough decisions like Chris Christie did concerning education. But if Martin O’Malley is reelected, don’t expect that to happen anytime soon.

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  • JGT 4 years ago

    Christie sets a magnificent example not only for next terms elected Governors, but all elected officials. His insights and execution are exemplary! Would that voters would appreciate the progress he has made and seek out and support candidates of this courage and conviction everywhere, including in Maryland!

  • JM 4 years ago

    It would be a dream come true if Erlich was voted in and used Christie as a model for local reform. How many times have we heard excuses for not really balancing the budget. If you know a little bit about any paticular area of the gov't like schools, you will know how really bloated their funding is in an economy like we have. Things need to change.

  • Nicodemus 4 years ago

    Good pay breeds good competition. I will always support pay increases for police, firefighters and teachers. Imagine the confident, intelligent, strong figures we would have in our public systems if the salaries were doubled and higher educated and trained people worked in them. Shorting the pay for these people is a bad idea. Find other cuts, but not their pay. I know some 'war veterans' whose jobs were far these brave then the teachers of west Baltimore or cops of Brooklyn. Some mechanic in the green suite may never see a bullet, but I know teachers who have.

  • JM 4 years ago

    Good pay is great and can produce a good environment, but not when it is based on tenure. Also, if the tax base cannot support the expenses, then you cannot fund them. Gov't workers should take a hit just like everyone else if necessary. No position comes with a guarantee. How about if teachers skip on some of their other benefits and still get a raise? The health care and education subsidy is huge.