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Maryland man asks for public records and gets sued by the state

 A truck with an anti-abortion poster moves towards the White House as anti-abortion activists gather during a prayer vigil outside Planned Parenthood
A truck with an anti-abortion poster moves towards the White House as anti-abortion activists gather during a prayer vigil outside Planned Parenthood
(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Submitting requests for public records is nothing new but for one person in the state of Maryland, his request for public documents on the licensing of abortion clinics in his state has now become court case and is being sued by the state, WND reported on Monday.

Andrew Glenn, director of the Maryland Coalition for Life, requested public documents a year ago on the licensing of abortion clinics in his state. His requests was based on suspicion that some abortionists were operating illegally or without licenses in the state but the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene decided that Glenn’s request was too much to ask for.

So they sued Glenn, claiming that they were they're protecting the public interest in which Francis Manion, Senior Counsel with the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), who is representing Glenn said the lawsuit was nothing more than complete non-sense.

“Their whole argument is there have been doctors who have been targets of violence over the years,” he said. “But I countered that by asking, ‘In any of those cases has there ever been a case where someone made a public records request and used that to target a doctor?’ So we have to balance that concern.”

Glenn’s request was motivated based on reports that some doctors whose licenses had been suspended or revoked in other states had been setting up practices in Maryland.

In a statement by his attorney, Manion said in his blog on the ACLJ website, “One such doctor, Steven Brigham, a veritable poster boy for this sort of thing, surfaced in Maryland in 2010 after a botched abortion resulted in a patient being airlifted to a real hospital in Baltimore for life saving surgery. Both New York and Florida had revoked Brigham's license in the mid 1990s, and New Jersey, where I personally reported him to authorities in 1994... finally revoked his license about five years ago. But here he was in Maryland in 2010 with state regulatory authorities apparently none the wiser.”

“So when Andrew Glenn made his simple Public Information Act request, instead of giving him the information that's required to be filed by abortion businesses, the state ran to court and asked a judge to approve its refusal to divulge the information,” said Manion.

Cheryl Sullenger of the pro-life group Operation Rescue is said to be watching the case and said, “That’s why they try to keep from us these documents because they don’t want to see people find out what’s going on inside these abortion clinics,” Sullenger said. “Hopefully Andrew will prevail in this lawsuit, and I think that will go a long way toward preventing this tactic from being used in other jurisdictions. It will show them that this won’t be tolerated.”

A ruling in the case is expected in the next three weeks, according to Manion.

In related news, it has been reported that taxpayers are also paying Planned Parenthood to promote pro-abortion ObamaCare in California and that the federal government’s “Champions for Coverage” program is also operating in the same fashion with abortion providers and advocacy groups.

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