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Maryland mall shooter had explosives

Columbia, Maryland Mall shooting
Columbia, Maryland Mall shooting
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After a person shot and killed two persons at the mall in Columbia, Maryland, it was discovered that he also had explosives that needed to be disengaged, according to a Huffington News Report on Saturday night. The shootings which took place in suburban Baltimore on Saturday morning also injured five persons.

Columbia, Maryland mall shooting: 3 dead

After killing Brianna Benlolo, 21, and Tyler Johnson, 25, who were at a store called Zumiez where they worked, the gunman turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. He was found with a gun and ammunition near him. While many reports claim that a motive is still being sought, there was at least one report that said it was a “love triangle” that motivated the murderer.

The shooting occurred at approximately 11:15 a.m. on Saturday morning on the second level of the huge shopping mall in Zumiez which sells skateboards, clothing, and accessories. A 911 call sent police to the scene where the mall was put on lockdown. By late afternoon, the mall was entirely cleared out of employees and shoppers.

Authorities had difficulty identifying the gunman due to concerns about him carrying the explosives. It appears as though the gunman tried to make explosives using fireworks. By late Saturday night, authorities reported that they had tentatively identified him, but they did not release his name yet. Police assert there was only one gunman.

As police continue to search the mall, it will be closed on Sunday.

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