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Maryland law to encourage road bullies

It seems just when traffic throughout Maryland is becoming unbearably rude and aggressive, a proposed new road law will provide encouragement to road bullies. The new law states that if you are in the fast lane and someone tailgates you get out of their way. The idea is to lessen the triggers to road rage, but because it tells us to get out of the way it will actually encourage people that, hey, if you want someone to get out of the way just become a road bully and start tailgating, because by law others would now have to cave in to your bullying.

How ridiculous is that! The number of excessively slow drivers in the fast lane is really rather small. The usual situation is that someone in the fast lane doing say only 5-10 mph over the speed limit is being bullied by someone who wants to do 15-20 over the speed limit. Perhaps we should have different minimum speed limits for each lane like they do in Germany. But the real problem is that we just don't enforce the existing speed laws tightly enough and too many people have gotten into bad habit of excessive speed, creating a large speed difference between slow and fast moving traffic, which in turn creates moving road blocks. Study after study proves that the traffic actually flows much more efficiently when everyone is doing about the same speed.

The Bible says that when the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked bear rule, the people mourn (Proverbs 29:2). When those who sit in the seat of legislation make laws that favor road bullies, then the rest of us become victims to tailgaters and other dangerous drivers who do not care about the safety of all of us, just the speed with which their impatient lives can move.

There are better ways to handle the road bullies than encouraging them to tailgate even more. Pennsylvania teaches motorists that they need to keep a safe distance of 4 seconds behind the car in front and a minimum of 3. The existing law against tailgating needs to be enforced. Permanent cameras could be set up at danger areas, like in Australia, where it controls speed quite well. Certainly, Maryland State Police ought to be taught also not to tailgate or be subject to the same fines (2 points) that we are. No exceptions. The police ought to be a good example, not a bad one.

Bad laws create bad behavior. We need wise old people in our legislature, not young hot heads. This new law will only serve to encourage road bullies and tailgating.

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