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Maryland Kids Care Campaign - Collecting money to donate to help Haiti

Until Friday, February 12th, Maryland schools will be joining together to raise money for Haiti. The school system is hoping to repeat the success of their last Maryland Kids Care Campaign, which raised more than a million dollars for Hurricane Katrina survivors.

To participate, kids simply bring their spare change to school and give it to their teacher. The principal collects the change and then sends the donations, along with a contribution sheet, in to the Maryland State Department of Education. In return, the kids get to know they helped people in need and the school gets a State Tribute.

If a school isn't involved because the principal is concerned that students can't afford to give any money, parents might want to bring the letter to the principal to his or her attention and ask that their school participates. Even if each child in a 200 pupil school only donates ten cents, the school will raise $20 and that $20 can feed a Haitian child for days.

To encourage people to dig out that loose change, one county school system sent a letter home to parents that says, "Remember, no amount is too small!" Those parents that remember that the 1.3 million raised five years ago included quite a few pennies will wholeheartedly agree with the reminder.


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