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Maryland Frost after Mother's Day?

May Frost?
May Frost?
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So far this Spring, the temps have been below average across many parts of the country. We have seen numerous reports of record breaking cold, and even snow! This pattern has helped to put a squash on the severe weather season so far this year, however. In April of 2011, there were 758 tornadoes reported...206 in April 2012...but only 83 were reported in April of 2013. After looking at some of the longer range modeling, I think this cooler than average pattern will continue for a while here in the Mid Atlantic. On Mother’s Day Weekend, we expect a strong cold front to move off the East Coast. The jet stream will likely buckle into a deep trof going into the start of next week. It looks to me like frost is possible, in MD and PA, during the early mornings of the 13th and 14th of this month! So, don’t plant any cold sensitive plants outdoors just yet.