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Maryland Dems fund illegals through Catholic Church

It looks like Maryland and Prince George’s County are about to give $600,000 to a Catholic church in order to build a center for illegal aliens. Whatever happened to the principle of separation of church and state?

After an article critical of the so-called Holocaust bill appeared in this space last month, the House sponsor, Del. Kirill Reznik (D-Montgomery County) said, “I have had the pleasure of serving in the Maryland legislature for seven years, and in that time, I have heard legislators espouse on their religion constantly… And in all that time, not once can I recall the Examiner lecturing them to only practice their religion "outside of the statehouse.”

This one is for you.

Each house has already heard hearings on HB 514 and SB 518. These are humdrum grant bills lawmakers present every year to bring the bacon home. The House bill was introduced by Del. Twanna Gaines (D-22), an Appropriations subcommittee chair.

The House hearing revealed the funds would go to recondition a gymnasium at St. Bernard’s Catholic Church in Riverdale Park, into a job training center for the Central American Solidarity Association.

State lawmakers are expected to pass a $400,000 grant. Prince George’s County Councilmen Will Campos, who has already been appointed as the next Hispanic state legislator from PG, and Eric Olsen have guaranteed $200,000 in matching funds from the county.

That is $600,000 of state debt that could go for job creation for citizens or, better still, not created.

Hopefully Reznik will lead the opposition against this effort by Democrats to sponsor the Catholic’s abuse of government money. The church and Casa de Maryland can have bake sales or gambling events to raise funds for illegals, but leave tax dollars alone.

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