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Maryland Democrat Party FCC complaint against Ehrlich shows their fear of his candidacy


  • Sean O'Donnell, Baltimore Republican Examiner 6 years ago

    John McCain did the same thing against his 2010 primary opponent.

  • Alice McCart, Kansas City Vegan Examiner 6 years ago

    Dilip, I believe that, once again, you have hit the nail precisely on the head!

  • quantum Phreak 6 years ago

    Ehrlich..Please lets yet again retread another politician..This is why this country is in the shape it's in cause the Republican and Democratic parties are a party of no ideas and a party of bad ideas..Oh why I'm at it..Hey Ehrlich thanks for the $630.00 power bill this past month. I do believe it was you who said de-regulation would create lower enegry rates..Well when you only have 1 local power company it's hard for them not to have a monopoly on power. So thanks maybe next month I'll send you my power bill and you can pay it since you have all this money to blow on a election run. People stop electing these same idiots in office how many times do you have to touch a red hot stove eye before you feel it burn..

  • Larry Soetoro 6 years ago

    quantum Phreak, Ehrlich had ZERO to do with your electric bill.
    For that thank your leftists friends in the GA and boy O'Malley.

  • john 6 years ago

    bge was going to boost their rate up to 72% regardless who was in office

  • john 6 years ago

    ehrlich and omalley both are the wrong guys for the office

  • 2pac 6 years ago

    all eyes on me.lil life of a hustler until the day i die.........WESTSIDE BITCHESSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • gov. martin o`malley 6 years ago

    Forget the man.............and you haters hatin..............

  • gov. martin o`malley 6 years ago

    make sure yall vote for me again........

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