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Maryland begins accepting applications for spay/neuter grants

A feral cat nurses her kittens.
A feral cat nurses her kittens.
Marc Selinger

The Maryland Department of Agriculture announced June 3 that it has begun accepting applications for its new spay/neuter funding program.

Local governments and animal welfare groups have until Aug. 6 to apply for the first round of grants, which will total about $500,000. Applicants will learn by early October whether their funding requests have been approved. The grants are designed to spur sterilization of more animals.

“Eligible projects must efficiently and effectively facilitate, promote and increase spay and neuter services for cats and dogs and should target low-income communities or populations to the greatest extent possible,” the department said.

The program is funded by a surcharge on registration fees that pet food manufacturers must pay to sell their products in the state. State lawmakers authorized the program last year to curb cat and dog overpopulation in Maryland animal shelters. About 45,000 cats and dogs currently die in these facilities each year.

The grant application, application “guidelines” and a question-and-answer document are all available here.

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