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Maryland AG Gansler to BP: Pay up if oil reaches the East Coast

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On Monday Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler was the lead signer of a group of attorneys general asking BP to pay up if oil from the Gulf spill should reach the East Coast.

(Click here to see slideshow on the BP oil spill.)

Attorneys general from North Carolina, Delaware, Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Georgia, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and New York signed the letter.

The letter in part reads:

We, the Attorneys General of eleven Atlantic states, write to you concerning the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Our role as the chief lawyers for our respective states is to protect the interests of our people, the health of our environment and to provide legal advice to our states. Though the immediate area of impact from this catastrophe is in the Gulf region, portions of the East Coast are at foreseeable risk of substantial harm. Should the oil make its way into the Gulf Stream, our coastal areas, natural resources and the livelihoods of our coastal communities and people could be threatened…

…If the worst does occur, we expect BP to work cooperatively with us and to provide our state and local governments and our affected residents the necessary financial resources to compensate fully for any environmental or economic losses suffered.

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