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Maryam surprises with unique new collection of songs

The album is now available through Multidose Records
The album is now available through Multidose Records
Courtesy of Maryam

Most bands follow the same formula, and that usually means it is hard to be surprised when listening to new music these days. However, Maryam, an artist who is new to Kansas City, certainly surprises with her latest release, There Are Songs, an album just released on local label/studio Multidose Records.

It is hard to describe There Are Songs. It doesn’t fit nicely into any category of music. Most of it is piano-based, but there are a lot of electronic elements involved in each song. Maryam sings with soul, often like a stereotypical lounge singer, but the accompanying music is often scattered and confused.

The lyrics are clever. On “Short Attention Span,” Maryam sings, “I may not be your kind of woman, with long legs and a short attention span,” over bouncing minor keys.

“Dangerous” recalls popular ‘80s bands like New Order or Eurythmics. “Pokin’ U” marches along with more bouncing, catchy keys and vocals that literally “poke fun.”

As a whole, There Are Songs is bizarre and somewhat haunting. It has a morbid quality that makes it an interesting listen. This isn’t pop music and doesn’t want to be. It does want to be unique, and perhaps make the listener a bit uncomfortable- but that's a good thing. 

To hear the unique style of Maryam for yourself, you can visit the Multidose Records website to listen to and purchase the album. She is also performing tomorrow night, Feb. 3, at Javanauts in Kansas City and Feb. 14 at the Uptown Theatre in Kansas City. 


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