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Mary Recounts An Example of Strength -- The Imprisoned John (Baptist) and Martin

John was offered release by Harod, if he would leave Palestine, or denounce Jesus -- but he refused, to his demise of being beheaded
John was offered release by Harod, if he would leave Palestine, or denounce Jesus -- but he refused, to his demise of being beheaded

This Examiner was present (June 11, 2007) during this dissertation, a "transmission" from Mary (of Magdela) relating her experience of coming to know one, Martin, who was in in prison with John the Baptist in the days before the beheading by Harod. Jesus was crucified in 30 A.D. Four years earlier, John, known as "the Baptist" had been preaching up and down the Jordan River for some time about the coming Messiah; and after the baptism of Jesus, John had made bold to publicly chide Harod about his illegal and cunning relationship with the wife of another man. This resulted in John's imprisonment for "more than a hear and a half."

Near the village of Adam, John tarried for several weeks, and it was here that he made the memorable attack upon Herod Antipas for unlawfully taking the wife of another man. By June of this year (A.D. 2 6) John was back at the Bethany ford of the Jordan, where he had begun his preaching of the coming kingdom more than a year previously. In the weeks following the baptism of Jesus the character of John’s preaching gradually changed into a proclamation of mercy for the common people, while he denounced with renewed vehemence the corrupt political and religious rulers.

Herod Antipas, in whose territory John had been preaching, became alarmed lest he and his disciples should start a rebellion. Herod also resented John’s public criticisms of his domestic affairs. In view of all this, Herod decided to put John in prison. Accordingly, very early in the morning of June 12, before the multitude arrived to hear the preaching and witness the baptizing, the agents of Herod placed John under arrest. As weeks passed and he was not released, his disciples scattered over all Palestine, many of them going into Galilee to join the followers of Jesus. [Urantia Book Paper 135]

Mary's words below not only shed much light on this mysterious John, but also gives us strength on how to stay positive in the midst of drudgery -- even in the most deplorable of conditions, as was John's.

[June 11, 2007 Woods Cross Transcripts] I am MARY. I am once again overjoyed to be back with this branch of our family tree. Last week’s lesson got me to do further research on what freedom really means and I was reminded of a friend named Martin, who served time in jail with John the Baptist. Upon seeing John, Martin thought he was simply another fanatic. He even taunted John from time to time saying, “Where is your Master now?” John, for the most part, paid no attention to this ignorant man.

As it happened they both ended up working side by side in the kitchen. Martin always had some rebellious remark to make to John and John never got mad. Martin really tried to make him this way, but John always kept his composure. While there were hundreds of men waiting for relief from this hell, Martin noticed John always busied himself with what could be considered acts of kindness. This really irritated Martin. No one could be fulfilled in such a place, let alone find any kind of joy.

As the men worked side by side preparing food, Martin decided to ask John the secret to his serenity. That began the wonderful friendship which was to help Martin endure his almost two years in prison. Said John to Martin, “I cry, I have anger, I also have my duties as a Kingdom believer. If my Master is not here, it is because the Father has said it is not to be. Jesus makes no move unless it is willed by the Father. I am determined to carry out my mission duties no matter where I am placed. I will continue to do my very best. Just because I am not getting my way does not call for me to act out like a child and forget all that I have been trained to do.”

Many people said John languished away in prison while waiting for the Master. There was no languishing. John worked up until the day of his death. Of course he had fear of the unknown, but his daily prayers and meditation kept him from going to a place of negativity. Martin learned about the Master in prison along with several other men. This was the light of hope to many who lived this darkness. John taught enough spirit light to individuals so that they may pass it on to others.

In time, Martin was one of John’s strongest supporters. He also helped a great many who were in the seemingly hopeless conditions. I met Martin a few years after John had died. He had plenty of stories to tell about John. John had his fanatical side and yet, later on found abundant humor in his seriousness. As far as prisoners go, he was fairly balanced. Martin was overjoyed to be released finally from prison so that he may meet the Master and begin serving Him.

We never know whose lives we may affect. We must always try to be a positive affect. Somebody somewhere will always remember what you said or your attitude or your example of how you handled difficult situations. To say that John languished in prison is indeed false. He flourished and helped others to do the same.

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