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Mary Mancini for State Senate District 21

Everyone who has ever worked with Tennessee Citizen Action seemed to be on hand to visit the new campaign office.
Everyone who has ever worked with Tennessee Citizen Action seemed to be on hand to visit the new campaign office.
Catherine F. Hill

Mary Mancini held an open house today in her new headquarters off of Nolensville Road. She is running for my own Senate District, the newly carved District 21, a roughly U-shaped district carved out of Metropolitan Nashville. This includes parts of Nolensville Road and East Nashville that badly need an active representative in the statehouse.

I have worked with Mary for a couple of years when she was the director of Tennessee Citizen Action, and I can testify personally that she listens to people and is willing to dig into the details of their problems. She attracted many long-time activists to her open house this morning, because she has involved herself in so many projects.

Other candidates may talk about the injustice of the photo ID law and the need to reinstate the Voter Confidence Act of 2010, but Mary has actively worked on and written about these issues. She has actually studied strategies that activists can use for lobbying and public awareness. Voter registration forms are available in her campaign office, and there is always someone to help explain them.

Last weekend, Mary had a chance to sit down with public school teachers from Davidson, Sumner, and Rutherford Counties. Those of us who keep up with public education are already aware of all the frustrations and problems of living in a state that is earnestly trying to privatize education. Mary's blog contains her own down-to-earth, common sense take:

Yes, you read that right, the policies enacted by the state legislature are making teachers cry with frustration.

What a joy it would be to have someone on Capitol Hill who actually understands and cares about this! Far too many of our legislators seem to be happy in the pockets of out-of-state corporations.

One of Mary's other priorities is to how Governor Haslam and his Republican Legislature accountable for the damage they have done to Tennessee wages, unions, and health prospects. We can only wish her success.

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