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Mary Magdalene Celebration Sedona - 7/26/14 - next Saturday!

The following information has come to me through a friend here in Sedona. Please join us for a Celebration of the Divine Feminine in Sedona, AZ. The event is next Saturday, and today, 7/20/14, is the last day to register with the Early Bird Special.

Join Us for this very special event!

Mary Magdalene Celebration Sedona

Saturday, July 26, 2014 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

An interfaith celebration of Women and Men inspired by the life of Mary Magdalene, Apostle to the Apostle
Creative Life Center, Sedona, AZ

You are invited to join us in a celebration and honoring of the divine feminine aspects in each of us. We will use the example of Mary Magdalene as an archetype of what this means as demonstrated in the life we live. The more we learn about this enigmatic "Apostle to the Apostles", the more we see similarities in our own experience and how we are able to uncover and allow the flowering of these gifts long suppressed. What are the qualities of the feminine and how do these dance in partnership with the masculine in the new paradigm we are creating? We have invited many women and men who embody these energies to share their insights and help light the way. This is a time to come together, share our wisdom and lovingly connect as one with many different faces in resonance with our divine blueprint. We invite you to come sing, dance, and celebrate with us...

Reflections o­­f the Magdalene
Embracing and Honoring the Divine Aspects of the Feminine in Each of Us

Keynote Speaker: Mercedes Kirkel

Websites: Mercedes Kirkel and Mary Magdalene Beckons

Optional Sunday Workshop: "Mary Magdalene's Teaching on Uniting the Feminine and Masculine" including channeling with Mary Magdalene 2:30 pm - 5 pm $30 donation at Unity of Sedona

Guest speakers and presenters include Sedona authors, artists, poets, teachers, and performers including Kel Mockingbird, Penny Genter, Don Kirchner, Elizabeth Oakes, John Oakes, Andrea Houchard, Diane Eaton, Kevin Westrich, Rev. Bruce Kellogg, Raylene Abbott, Jeri Castronova, Barbara Mayer, Nancy Safford, Ahna Bridenbaugh, Cassie Mavis, and Ani Williams in France.

Conference Schedule Names in Bold are confirmed
Registration 8:00-9:00 Court Yard
Meet the Authors - Book sales 8:00-9:00 Library
Invitation to the Circle Kel Mockingbird
8:45-9:00 Great Room
Welcoming Penny Genter
9:00-9:15 Great Room
Opening Poem Elizabeth Oakes
9:15-9:30 Great Room
In Honor of the Divine Feminine Don Kirchner
9:30-9:45 Great Room

Keynote Intuition/Vision Mercedes Kirkel

9:45-10:45 Great Room

Break 10:45-11
Song of the Magdalenes Ani Williams in France
Inclucivity/Peacemaker Kevin Westrich Great Room
The Dance of MM in France Raylene Abbott Great Room
Lunch and Connecting 12-12:45 Patio

Women and Wisdom: a new philosophy of leadership and advocacy Andrea Houchard Great Room
"I Don't Know How to Love Him " Diane Eaton
1:15-1:30 Great Room
Nurturing/Compassion Rev. Bruce Kellogg
1:30-2:00 Great Room
Breakout Discussions - Magdalenes in the New Paradigm 2:00-3:00
Beyond the da Vinci Code - Implications of Archeological Revelations Jeri Castronova Great Room
Apostle to the Apostle - The Evolving Role of Women in Religion Barbara Mayer Universal Room
In the Footsteps of the Magdalene in France Nancy Safford Retreat Room
Break 3:00-3:15
Solomon and Sheba from the Book of Love by Kathleen McGowan Penny Genter 3:15-3:30 Great Room
Sensuality/Receptivity Mercedes Kirkel
3:30-4:30 Great Room
"The Sacred Sirens" Ahna Bridenbaugh and Cassie Mavis
4:30-4:40 Great Room
Closing - Feedback Penny Genter
4:40-5:00 Great Room

The Journey of MM thru Art John Oakes
On the stage screen between presentations

Early Bird Special $40 through July 20, 2014, $50 thereafter; includes box lunch.

For registration information please visit our website: The Magdalene Conference website

Be sure to visit the Conference Bookstore
Books may also be purchased on registration site and at the conference

Sponsored and underwritten by the Journey of Enlightenment Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3 community-oriented charitable, educational foundation and Unity of Sedona.

Hope to see you at the Celebration! To our Health, Wealth, and Glorious Awakening! Dancing Heart~~~~

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