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Mary Lambert premieres new song "Secrets," and racks up almost 2 million views

Bubbly singer and gay rights activist Mary Lambert released a new song and video July 31 called, "Secrets." It's already racked up nearly 2 million views in those two days. Before embarking on her solo career, she was best known for singing the chorus of her song "She Keeps Me Warm" with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis in "Same Love"

In the song, she talks about her foibles and declares that she doesn't care if people know her secrets. It's a message of empowerment. At one point, she plays herself as both a patient and a psychiatrist to poke fun at herself.

She also plays an opera singer dressed as a Valkyrie in a Wagner opera, showing off some of her high notes. She reveals that at one time she wanted to be an opera singer in her "Secrets (Behind the Scenes)" video.

The tune uses a large vocal range, with a fun, bouncy keyboard beat in the piano during the chorus and trumpets, doubling the melody before jazzing it up. It would take a real curmudgeon to feel grumpy when this song is on. If the summer anthem was Iggy Azalea's "Fancy", the let this and Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" be the big hits for fall. It's the kind of song some wish had come out a lot sooner.

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