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Mary-Kate Olsen: A brush with a brush for the first time

Mary-Kate Olsen had been lacking in one very important life skill. She didn't know how to brush her hair. However, now she does. She learned how to groom her locks in this way only last week comments Entertainment Tonight via Yahoo! on March. 20.

Mary-Kate Olsen before she learned to use a brush
Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Diane Von Furstenberg

With this information in mind, many pundits now know why this actress and designer typically showed up in public wearing messy hair.

So how did Mary-Kate Olsen happen to learn how to use a brush?

The twin, who has naturally wavy hair, did not give up the reason for that. However, she did admit in a recent Elle magazine interview that she did dare to learn how to cut hair. Her guinea pig was a friend who let Olsen cut off tresses that once reached her belly button. The brave woman was given a blunt cut and was quite happy with the results.

That said, as Mary-Kate Olsen finally had a brush with a hair brush for the first time in her life, she also has a hair ritual in her repertoire that she's been practicing for some time. That would be that she puts body fragrances in her tresses.

Olsen said that when she puts a "spritz" in her hair "that becomes something that feels a part of you."

Good tip, Olsen twin.

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