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Mary J. Blige father stabbed: Father of singer stabbed, critically wounded

Mary J. Blige
Photo by Chris Jackson

Mary J. Blige's father was stabbed in Battle Creek, Michigan according to police. On Jan. 23, The Detroit Free Press reported that Thomas Blige, 63, was listed in critical condition after being stabbed in the neck by his former girlfriend. The couple apparently got into a domestic dispute that became physical.

"Detective Sgt. Jim Martens said officers went to the scene and found blood in the snow near the entrance drive to the apartment complex and more blood in Blige’s apartment. Police also found a knife in the apartment that they believe was used in the attack," the Detroit Free Press reported.

Mary J. Blige's father was stabbed in three places. His ex-girlfriend was arrested and will likely be charged with assault with intent to murder. The former couple evidently got into a lot of fights, their most recent being last October. Blige's ex was charged then with aggravated domestic violence after she hit Blige in the head with a glass candlestick according to the report.

It's unclear what Blige and his ex keep fighting about but it's clear that they have some serious issues with one another. It is possible that Blige's ex will find herself spending time behind bars after this particular altercation.

Mary J. Blige's father hasn't been stabbed previously but police say that they have responded to seven domestic violence complaints between the couple since August. Talk about a toxic relationship...

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