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Mary Elizabeth Winstead nude photos were deleted years ago; actress speaks out

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is in the middle of the nude photo scandal
Photo by Rob Kim

The Mary Elizabeth Winstead nude photos might have been a surprise to fans who love the actress, but it had to be a bigger surprise to the entertainer herself. While some stars do have naked pictures of themselves, it appears that Winstead deleted the pictures released years ago. According to the Huffington Post on Sunday, the actress acknowledged the pictures and shared she deleted them a while ago.

These personal images weren’t anything that the public was supposed to see. In fact, the pictures were taken in the privacy of her own home with her husband. This shocking news makes people understand what great lengths were taken to try and find nude photos of different celebrities to share with the public.

The actress, who has also appeared in movies like “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” and “Final Destination 3,” is none too happy about the release of the photographs. Blasting people who might have looked at the images and suggesting that she was a victim (which she obviously is) the star is tremendously hurt over the release of the pictures. Hollywood Life is reporting that the star has been sharing her thoughts with fans and it is obvious she is really disappointed in the pictures release.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead might be worried about her career too. After the dust settles, the actress will need to see if the pictures have damaged her reputation and if it will be harder (or easier) to get another acting role in Hollywood. At the moment it is too soon to tell as the individuals who hacked the actress haven’t been caught and the extent of the damage still is being accessed.

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