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Marvin Schurgin receives award for volunteer work

Marvin Schurgin with Lynda Barbour and Marcia Bundalian Stephen
Marvin Schurgin with Lynda Barbour and Marcia Bundalian Stephen
Becky Moore-Flati

At the American Cancer Society’s Legislative Ambassador Caucus held in at the California Endowment Center for Healthy Communities in Los Angeles, Marvin Schurgin was honored with the Volunteer Ambassador Recruitment Award for 2010 for his efforts in recruiting volunteer for the ambassador program. Schurgin became a volunteer with the American Cancer Society after losing his wife to lung cancer in 1998. He has been Chairman of the local Relay for Life program for several years and as a legislative ambassador in 2001. Schurgin states, “The important thing to do is get our legislators involved in everything that improves the life of cancer patients, as well as cancer research”.

The Ambassador Caucus brought American Cancer Society volunteers from around the state together to discuss local, state and federal legislative issues that affect cancer patients such as:

Increased funding for cancer research and prevention

Increased tobacco regulation and taxation

Patient Navigator programs for underserved communities

How the Affordable Care Act helps people with cancer

The Legislative Ambassador program are the advocacy volunteers of for the American Cancer Society and it’s affiliate non-partisan partner, the American Cancer Society Cancer Action network ( which is devoted to making cancer issues a policy priority for elected officials. To join the fight against cancer and become a member of the Cancer Action Network , please visit for more information about the Legislative Ambassador program, please call 800-252-6066 or Lynda Barbour, at 619-682-7416, the Field Advocacy Director of Government Relations for theCalifornia Division of The American Cancer Society.


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