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Marvel Says It's Time to Save the World

AAAH! Skulls and Galactus!
AAAH! Skulls and Galactus!
Marvel Comics

Marvel's New Teaser doesn't leave much in the way of clues. The image has a metal skull, which is perhaps a remnant from Wolverine. As well as an image of one of the biggest threats in the Marvel Universe, Galactus, and while a purple helmet wearing, planet eating menace may seem like a been there, ultimately nullified that story line something deeper may lie beneath. Of late Marvel's stories have been farther reaching and this teaser may implicate something greater. Perhaps Galactus will finally succeed in consuming Earth? Or maybe fans of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 1 will FINALLY get to see what became of Galactus' threat when the heroes stole from him in the game! (Disappointing doesn't begin to describe the pitiful excuse offered for the resolution in the sequel.) The date is listed at April 2010, likely fans can expect to see more clues and teasers by then.