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Marvel's script rewrite and Edgar Wright's separation from the 'Ant-Man' movie

Paul Rudd shrinking down in size in 'Ant-Man' movie
Paul Rudd shrinking down in size in 'Ant-Man' movie
Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Studios, used with permission

According to Latino Review on Saturday, rumors had been going around about Edgar Wright's reason for ending his relationship with Marvel Studios on the "Ant-Man" project. A rather prominent rumor entailed Wright's ability to manage such a sizable production. It also had been said that the director was way behind schedule.

The reality of the situation is a rewrite of the "Ant-Man" script was in progress. During this time, the production was on hiatus. Families and other employees left their homes for Atlanta to work on the project only to be left high and dry. It is not possible for Marvel Studios to be behind schedule because of this reason.

To keep up with the events that lead up to Wright's parting of ways, three months ago Marvel had "notes" and within those notes entailed the standards in which Wright and screenwriter Joe Cornish were requested to abide by. Things like involving only the franchise characters, the morality of the piece, and so on.

In response, Wright and Cornish wrote up a couple of drafts and responded to the notes. Six weeks ago, both of them were taken off the script and had given the task to rather low credit writers. One of the Marvel writers had been on their in-house crew. Wright was okay with this, stuck around anyhow, and went over the draft.

This week, the reborn script was brought to light, however, it didn't meet the standards of Wright's vision of the project. Finally, on Friday, he had officially parted ways with Marvel Studios. Both Cornish and Wright were rather distraught by the studios' faith in them as writers and though Marvel Studios' president Kevin Feige always had their back, this decision seems to have come from someone much higher in the decision making process.

The film stars Michael Douglas as Hank Pym and actor Paul Rudd as Scott Lang/Ant-Man and is scheduled to open in theaters come July 17, 2015.

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