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Marvel reveals truth about Doom in Original Sins # 4

Marvel’s epic crossover Original Sin has been shaking things up across the Marvel Universe and shows no sign of slowing down. Every character in the Marvel Universe has been taking a hit in some way as their secrets are revealed and there are still more to come.

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Creators James Robinson and Alex Maleev put the spotlight on the leader of Latveria himself Doctor Doom in Original Sins # 4. In the issue the secrets the Watcher held contained the key to dismantling Victor Von Doom and everything he’s built! What lengths will he go to protect his legacy? In addition creators Ryan North and Ramon Villalobos continue their five part story featuring the Young Avengers as Hulkling, Prodigy, and Marvel Boy rush headlong into their final confrontation with The Hood and one of the Young Avengers will fall. Finally internet sensations Pablo Dura and David Abadia team up with Erica Henderson for story of what really happened the day Captain America’s frozen body was found and you will not believe what really happened.

The Watcher has been keeping an eye on the entire Marvel Universe for years seeing it all and now his secrets are out for everyone else to see as well. After years of these characters existing throughout the Marvel Universe in various forms and incarnations it is even more intriguing now to find out the secrets they hold. Don’t miss out on the next exiting chapter of the crossover that is changing everything in the Marvel Universe forever when Original Sins # 4 hits stores in July. While you still have to wait a bit you can take a sneak peek at this issue here now.

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