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Marvel offers first look at New Warriors # 1

Creators Christopher Yost and Marcus To are getting the band back together for an all new series with New Warriors # 1.
In the series evolution has gone off the rails with super humans, mutants, Inhumans, clones, aliens, and more everywhere you turn. Humanity no longer exists as the dominant life form on the planet and not everyone is pleased! The High Evolutionary has raised an army to combat these “superior” beings through complete extermination and Speedball, Justice, Nova, Scarlet Spider, Sun Girl, Hummingbird and more must stand together against the rising tide.

first look

Fans of the original series will no doubt be excited for this all-new direction of their favorite characters. Don’t miss the return of the New Warriors when issue 1 hits stores in February. While there is still a bit to wait, you can take a sneak peek here now to tied you over.

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