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Marvel offers first look at Avengers Undercover # 1

Creators Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker team up to bring together a team like never before with Avengers Undercover.

sneak peek

In the series five conflicted young superhumans are out to prove to the world they can still be heroes after being damaged, broken, and forever changed by their experiences in Murder World. Now, Bloodstone, Hazmat, Deathlocket, Cammi, Anachronism, Chase, and Nico are going rogue and heading deep undercover with the Masters of Evil and they’re going to take them down from the inside, but the longer these teens spend undercover, the deeper they descend into darkness and the line between good and evil blurs.

It’s only a matter of time before a new super villain will be born so step undercover and grab your copy of Avengers Undercover # 1 hits stores in March. While you have a bit to wait, you can take a sneak peek here now.

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