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Marvel kicks off the trial of Jean Grey in All New X Men

Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen deliver an all-new issue of All-New X-Men as part of the new Marvel NOW! line.

first look

The Trial of Jean Grey kicks off this issue with Jean Grey, who has been abducted by the Shi’ar Empire, has been placed on trial for the cataclysmic crimes of her future self. On the edge of deep space, the young mutant and original host of the Phoenix Force pleads for her life amidst alien races who would see her destroyed! As her fellow X-Men and new allies the Guardians of the Galaxy race across the stars to her aid, will they arrive in time or will it be too late?

Step into court for the trial of the century with an ending so shocking you’ll have to see it to believe it and grab your copy of All-New X-Men # 23 when it hits stores in February. While you will have to wait a bit to grab your copy, you can take a sneak peek of the issue here now.

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