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‘Marvel Heroes’ updates with Psylocke playable, new sentinel event

Pick her up today!
Pick her up today!
Photo courtesy of Gazillion Entertainment, used with permission

In keeping with a weekly session of updates, events, and log-in gifts, Marvel Heroes patched today. The superheroic action-RPG set in the Marvel universe now contains a new playable character, a new sentinel event, and a reviewed iconic hero. All of which are available to enjoy right now.

The new hero entering the fray is the X-Man Psylocke. Her psychic capabilities let her create ethereal ranged weapons and menacing butterflies while the katana at her side can slash through foes at immediate distances. She can be picked up from the Web Store with several extras for $17.99. She can also be purchased from the in-game store for 900Gs or without real money for 400 Eternity Splinters.

Additionally, the Siege of the Sentinels event is officially underway. This event buffs the reward chests in X-Defense while giving them a chance to contain Odin Marks. Sentinels will also be attacking players in all sorts of places. In fact, sentinels can spawn anywhere in the game for the duration of the event. With their parts, players can create a unique slot five item that summons a sentinel or they can make an item worth 25,000 credits.

Finally, the patch re-introduced Wolverine to the fight. Although he has been fighting since the game’s launch, he underwent a level 52 review (named as such when a character’s ultimate power moves from level 30 to level 52). The berserker now uses Fury instead of Spirit to execute attacks. His healing factor and adamatium skeleton persist while a focus on bleeds, criticals, and wild strikes can be chosen. Not to mention, he’s gotten a new travel power in the form of a borrowed motorcycle.

For a full list of changes and additions, be sure to check out the official patch notes. A few highlights follow. All travel powers, like Ghost Rider’s Ride, have had their speed increased. Captain America now wears his shield on his back when not in combat, and Invisible Woman’s Seeker Orbs no longer make her stop moving when cast.