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Marvel delivers first look with Avengers # 29

Jonathan Hickman and Leinil Yu deliver an all-new issue of the ongoing series Avengers as part of their new Marvel NOW! line.

first look

In the latest issue to stop multiversal armageddon the Illuminati, Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Mr. Fantastic, the Black Panther, Namor, The Beast and Black Bolt were forced to assemble the most terrifying weapon in the known universe the Infinity Guantle. To protect their secret, they tampered with the memories of Captain America – erasing his knowledge of their terrible acts. Now information held by the all-seeing Watcher has restored Steve Rogers memories and the Illuminati’s days are numbered. What secrets have Stark and his inner circle been keeping, what will happen when the Marvel Universe at large discovers their treachery? Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are on a dangerous collision course and only one of them will be left standing.

Be there for the clash teams when Avengers # 29 will hit stores in May, but you can take a sneak peek right here now.

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