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Marvel delivers first look at 100th Anniversary Special Spider Man # 1

Creators Sean Ryan and In-Hyuk Lee thrust the wall crawler into the future with 100th Anniversary Special Spider-Man # 1.

first look

What does the wallcrawler look like in the far-flung future of 2061? The Kingpin has taken control of his ultra-powerful techno-symbiote suit. One of his most powerful weapons in the hands of one of his most powerful enemies, Spider-Man will have to prove once again why he’s the greatest superhero in the world!

If you think this sounds interesting, then prepare yourself as this is just the beginning. Each week in July will see a new 100th Anniversary Special as a variety of creators envision the Marvel Universe of 2061.

Witness the future of Marvel when 100th Anniversary Special Spider-Man # 1 hits stores in July, but you can take a peek at the issue here now.

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