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Marvel brings What If to Age of Ultron

Writer Joe Keatinge and a slew of artists team up team up to bring the universe alternating story What If: Age of Ultron.


In the series explores a Marvel Universe without one of it’s greatest champions. Imagine—an Armor Wars without IRON MAN! A RAGNAROK without THOR! A country without CAPTAIN AMERICA! Written by rising star Joe Keatinge (Marvel Knights: Hulk, Morbius: The Living Vampire) and an assembly of tomorrow’s hottest artists, WHAT IF: AGE OF ULTRON hits hard with its twisted takes on the Marvel Universe!

If you thought the actual Age of Ultron story arc was insane, there is no telling where this latest spin on the story will take you so be sure to grab your copy of What If: Age of Ultron when it debuts in April.

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