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Marvel brings the talent for 75th Anniversary Celebration

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In celebration of its debut in October of 1939, Marvel Comics is taking its 75th Anniversary Celebration to the page with the all new anthology aptly titled Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration # 1.

This collection is bringing a slew of new stories from legendary creators bringing their iconic takes on the mighty Marvel Universe. Bruce Timm kicks things off adapting the story Captain America Foil’s the Traitor’s Revenge, that was a text story originally published in Captain America Comics # 3 in 1941 and just happen to be the very first Marvel work from the man himself Stan Lee. While that is enough of a treat to make this book worth checking it out, that is just the beginning. James Robinson and Chris Samnee return to the day that the Fantastic Four were born with a fresh new vision and how it shaped the future of Marvel Comics.

With her fixing to be the star of her own Netflix series what better time for a new Jessica Jones story. Creators Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos join forces to bring an all-new story of this soon to be addition to the Marvel cinematic universe. Have no fear, as other iconic heroes are getting the treatment as well with Tom DeFalco, Stan Goldberg, and Scott Hanna taking on Peter Parker and Len Wein returning to his famed creation with the help of Paul Gulacy to take on Wolverine.

This is a jam packed collection, but that is just the tip of the iceberg with Bendis also teaming up with a variety of artists on a series of covers devoted to Marvel comics that were never published. In addition to new stories from your favorite creators, this oversized anthology comes jam-packed with extras including articles, retrospectives, and a special tribute to Marvel creators who are no longer with us making it the perfect collection for not only Marvel fans, but comic fans in general.

Don’t miss the party when Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration # 1 hits stores in October.

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