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Marvel brings back Dan Abnett for Guardians 3000

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Marvel has been amping up the push for the Guardians of the Galaxy ever since they announced the movie as part of their phase two in the cinematic universe. Now they are sort of taking the team back to its roots with not only the new series Guardians 3000 but by bringing in acclaimed writer and iconic Guardians of the Galaxy scribe Dan Abnett alongside artist Gerardo Sandoval.

This new series brings back the team that started it all with a new mission. Vance Astro, Yondu, Starhawk, Martinex and Charlie-27 are back and better than ever. Follow this cast of bombastic freedom fighters as they battle to gain control of the galaxy back from the hostile alien armies of the Badoon, but the Brotherhood of the Badoon are just the tip of the iceberg. The Marvel Universe of the 31st Century is a hostile and unforgiving place with both new & classic foes from throughout Marvel history. A new threat has emerged disrupting the timestream in the past and the present, and it’s up to the original Guardians of the Galaxy to prevent the collapse of all reality, but to save the future, one must look to the past and the discovery of a mysterious young girl named Geena Drake could hold the key to saving all reality…or destroying it!

This is the perfect jumping on point for both new and old readers of the Guardians of the Galaxy to get a taste of where it all began with these characters as well as get the mindset ready for the sure to be awesome upcoming film taking the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the stars.

Join in on the intergalactic adventure when Guardians 3000 # 1 debuts in October.

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