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Marvel announces: Spider-Verse

Coming this November!

There was a huge announcement over at today. They announced the Spider-Verse will be coming in November! You heard right, the great writers over at Marvel will be throwing all our favorite Spidermans into one big comic event! They stated that just because one character is dead in one universe doesn't mean they are in another. Get ready to see all your favorite Spidermans, Spider Ham, Spider Girl, Spider Kitty, and so many more. We are talking EVERY SPIDERMAN! And if every Spiderman isn't enough, they are bring in a never before seen Spiderman! This will be happening in Amazing Spider-Man #9! It will also be spilling out into other titles, which at this moment they are keeping secret. Dan Slott and Olivier Coipel will be working on the Spider-Verse. The Spider-Verse will be 6 issues of Amazing Spider-Man and there will be a new series launching, along with mini series and more.
Bet you're now wondering about villains? Can't have a good Spiderman comic without a villain or two right? Well, Morlum is back! We will be finding out that Morlum is a part of something even bigger. Every Spiderman against Morlum in a epic battle. This is huge news for Spiderman fans. There is so much going on in 2014 they say their scared of 2015.
"Before Spider-Verse, we've got Electro, we've got Learning to Crawl, we've got Original Sin...and THEN Spider-Verse!" - Nick Lowe
And just so you don't have to wait until November, Dan and Giueseppe Camuncoli will be giving us a sneak peek on Free Comic Book Day!
Who's your favorite Spiderman that you will be excited to see in the Spider-Verse?

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