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Marvel Anime: Blade episode 8: Old Wounds, Fresh Blood

As we open with Blade and Motoko, we see that the latter has been injured during a battle with vampire ninjas. This could have been an awesome fight to see, but nope. Her injury doesn't seem serious, even Motoko says that a quick bandage job should do it, but Blade insists that she needs to go heal.

The execution of this scene was weird. Between the dialogue and the accompanying music, it really came off as overly dramatic. Yet despite that, it felt hollow, something that wasn't helped by the voice acting.

As the two part company, Blade is attacked by more ninjas. Remember how I said that seeing such a fight would be really cool? Alas, it isn't as we're reminded that this show doesn't really do action sequences very well.

I was rather pleased to see Kikyo return. I thought that he was underused in Wolverine, so hopefully this would give him a bit more closure. He's a bit more savage than he was before, but not too much has changed. The fact that he's willing to work for vampires seemed odd at first, but as he said, they were willing to pay him and vampires do make for challenging targets.

Blade and Kikyo face off a bit, but we cut to Blade being held captive by a marine named Stan who had fought in the Vietnam war. Said marine reveals that he was turned into a vampire by AIM as a part of one of their experiments to create a super soldier. While it's peripheral, the nod to the organization was a nice touch.

Kikyo and the ninjas return, forcing Blade and the marine to work together. Again, we're presented what should be a really cool action scene, but it's not very well put together. I did like the moment when Stan ambushes Kikyo when the latter is squaring off against Blade. Stan inflicts a pretty serious wound to Kikyo's neck, but the assassin just smirks and his healing factor kicks in. Stan's legitimately stunned, asking what the hell Kikyo is before the assassin manages to land a killing blow.

Blade weakly tries to deliver some sort of moral lecture about how Kikyo's become a monster, but he isn't too bothered by it. He does admit that he didn't feel anything when he killed Stan, but he'll take pleasure in killing Blade. The episode ends on a cliffhanger as the two are about to throw down.

There are good ideas here, but the execution is weak. You have vampire ninjas and Kikyo's return, but I wasn't really invested. Motoko's departure came out of nowhere and seems really odd seeing as they had been working together for pretty much the show's whole run. Maybe if we had seen the fight, I would have bought it a bit more, but it was still an odd story choice.

The reveal that Kikyo and Blade knew each other already is a bit too convenient. I could see Kikyo knowing of Blade by legend and I could even buy that Logan filled Blade in on the details regarding Kikyo, but this "we trained together" thing...I don't know, I'm not digging it.

We've only got a couple more episodes before we wrap this show up, so we'll see how things go from here. My hopes aren't high as this show hasn't really blown me away thus far, but hope springs eternal.

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