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Marvel Anime: Blade episode 12: The Final Glory of Deacon Frost

We come to the end of the series as Blade confronts Frost for one final battle. Not surprisingly, this episode is focused largely on action as opposed to character or story advancement.

It's a mixed bag as some of the action works and some of it doesn't. Frost unveils his new breed of vampire and they don't really end up posing much of a threat. Really, beyond being immune to sunlight, the one edge they have is that they can shed a layer of skin to reveal another layer of red skin. After that, they die as easily as any other vampire mook. It's strange as this evolution was supposed to be the turning point in Frost's war, but as Blade points out, they're still vulnerable to silver. Frost shrugs it off, but it makes the entire driving force behind his quest rather pointless.

Kikyo shows up again to offer some assistance. While he never confronts Frost directly, he does fight a tentacle worm creature. It could have been a good fight, but even Kikyo ponits out that it doesn't really have a chance unless it can regrow heads like a Hydra, which it can't.

While he had motivation enough to show up after being turned down by Frost, I did get a kick out his "I'm the only one allowed to kill you" line that he gave to Blade upon arriving. It's an oddly fascinating mindset and while it shows up frequently, it never seems to get old.

Of course, Blade wins the day and Mokoto is avenged. Though not before Frost gets some taunts in about it. While this show had several flaws, Frost as a villain was always one of its strong points and he doesn't disappoint here. Even his standoff with Blade is at least somewhat satisfying as A: we actually get to see the fight as opposed to still shots and B: Frost actually delivers a pretty solid beat down before he's defeated. It helps sell the idea that Blade is in trouble and makes the climax feel that much bigger.

When asked what he's going to do next, Blade just points out that there are still vampires out there, so the adventure continues. Speaking of which, whatever happened to the vampires who were attacking the council? That plot point didn't really seem to go anywhere. I guess they all died when the magic water rained down, or when the sun came up. I suppose either one works.

It feels good to finally put this show to bed. It took a lot longer than it probably should have, but we can now close the book on the Marvel anime series once and for all.

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