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Marvel Anime: Blade episode 11: The Last Sunset

The episode picks up where the last left off, with a severely wounded Mokoto attempting to come to Blade's rescue. It goes awry, however, when Frost manages to sneak up behind her and sink his teeth into her neck. The subsequent rage that Blade feels upon seeing his partner fall at the hands of his nemesis only aids Frost as it really gets the blood pumping.

To Mokoto's credit, she does manage to free Blade and attempts to fight Frost on her own. Suffice it to say, it doesn't go well and he wins handily. The Tumblr crowd would probably cry foul at this, but keep in mind that she was already pretty badly beaten and Frost has routinely and effortlessly handed Blade his arse in confrontations, so her losing this one does make some level of sense.

Just as Frost is about to put Mokoto out of her misery, Noah arrives, brandishing a mini-gun no less. I have to admit, that was freaking cool. Honestly, the only thing it was missing was a Reb Brown-esque battle cry. It's enough to put even Frost on the defensive as he flees the scene with a couple of vials of Blade's blood.

Alas, Mokoto isn't going to make it and we get a scene of her on her metaphorical death bed. I'm not going to lie, this scene was actually very effective. It's actually one of the stronger scenes in the series as a whole. Even if you thought that the characters felt flat up to this point, it's enough to get you emotionally invested enough to feel the appropriate sadness. What was already a pretty heart-wrenching situation becomes even more so when she asks Blade to end her before she turns into a vampire. Reluctantly, he does so.

Pretty much everything about this scene worked. In any other circumstance, I'd say that the accompanying music would have been a bit on the dramatic side, but it worked here. Even the voice acting was above the usual fare. Sure, Blade is still fairly soft spoken and stoic, but you can still get a sense of what his character is going through.

After burying Mokoto, Noah and Blade decide to confront Blade in "Vampire city". I don't think this had ever come up yet, and it is oddly convenient, but I guess they needed someplace to storm.

Oddly enough, just as Blade is going on the offensive, so too does the vampire high council. They're even dressed up as medieval knights riding horseback. I have to admit, it's a bit much. The vampire ninjas worked on rule of cool, but add this and some of the fops of the high council and you get the impression that the vampires are just coming up with reasons to cosplay. More power to them, I guess, but if menacing is what you're going for, it's a bit counter-productive.

Credit to this episode, again, Blade's arrival on the scene was appropriately badass. We see one of his throwing stars take out a few of Frost's vamps, the theme song kicks in and he leaps out of the shadows. Not too shabby, I have to admit.

You'd think that the council would appreciate Blade's assistance and temporarily ally with him in a "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" type of thing, but you'd be wrong. They try to handwave it by saying that they view Blade as a pawn of Frost, but it's clear that he's after Frost too so going after him seems like a waste of time and energy, but what can you do?

For Frost's part, he gets a chance to shine as a villain. He begins building his "master vampire" complete with ominous chanting and the voice actor continues to bring a great sense of menace to the character with his snarly voice. We even see Frost display a bit of chessmaster traits as he reveals that he was relying on the council sending it's elite members, leaving their headquarters vulnerable to an attack from his own forces.

It took 11 episodes, but the show finally managed to hit the sweet spot. A part of me wishes they hadn't waited so long, but on the other hand, the fact that they managed to ramp everything up for the finale and end it on a high note is commendable in its own way. There's only one episode left to see how Blade manages to stop Frost and his nefarious scheme.

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