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Marvel Anime: Blade episode 10: Sins of the Father

Deacon Frost has Blade in his clutches and is mere moments away from completing his nefarious scheme. So, what is his next course of action? Why, to monologue, of course. This isn't just any monologue, though. This is the "we aren't so different" monologue.

It's a pretense to flashback to show us Frost's origin story. I'm not familiar with his canon origin in the comics, so I can't really comment on how true it is to that, but I can judge it on its own merits.

A lot of it is fine in concept, but the flaws all lie in the execution. The fact that he was a loving father who was proud of his son doesn't bother me, but the relationship shown doesn't feel natural. The dialogue is stiff and the kid doesn't act like a normal person would. He's a little too perfect if you get my meaning. Not that it matters anyway as he's fridged to give Frost a vendetta.

I'm not sure why the police are so dismissive of Frost's theory. Both the neck wounds and the blood drain are things that can be proven. Wouldn't the ME be able to confirm that and give at least some credence to his theory that it was more than just a simple robbery? Frost implies that it's part of a cover up, but nothing is ever done with that. I know it was something that came up in the movies, but it hasn't here and it seems weird to wait until now to make it a plot point.

Frost's vendetta takes a few weird turns. For one thing, it's a bit odd that he was able to so easily round up a team of vampire hunters, but even putting that aside, his big reveal doesn't make a whole lot of sense. He "lies" about his intention to find a cure and reveals that he is going to make himself a stronger breed of vampire in order to fight them. Wouldn't a cure still be the better tactic? He cites the massive number of them, but again, with a cure, numbers don't become a factor as you can distribute it to others who fight vampires and stop the spread. I guess the plot needs him to be the villain so he had to go that route.

When the episode cuts back to the present, Frost follows up the "we're not too different" speech with the "join me and together we can destroy the vampires" speech. Of course, Blade declines. I did like his lampshade hanging, asking Frost if he was going to talk the daywalker to death. It's a line that's been used in other places, but I still got a chuckle out of it.

Meanwhile, Mokoto storms the compound. From what we see, it looks like she was able to keep up on foot, but I have to assume she found some other means of travel. In any event, her siege is fairly impressive. The only real stupid moment came when a few vampires walked out into the sunlight after she used a grenade to blow a hole in the wall.

Mokoto gives the vampires she faces what-for, but it takes its toll and by the time she gets to Blade, she is very injured and barely able to stand. It becomes a problem as Frost emerges right behind her. The episode ends on a cliffhanger as it is implied that he will turn her.

The episode is largely reliant on hero/villain confrontation staples. It's not terribly done, but with some tweaks it could have been done better. We only have two episodes left so we'll see how things play out from here.

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