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Martyrd 's Ready to Rock Cleveland ‘s Agora with Metal Church !

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Band members
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Cleveland OH - One of the trailblazers of heavy metal , Metal Church with be stopping by the Agora next week and they are not coming alone .New York City up and coming metal band , Martyrd is direct support for much of their east coast tour and set to play the Agora March 9th .Fresh of the success of 2012 release “ The Mortal Coil “ and tour the band recently shot and released a video for the song “ Faceless “ which is was to give a teaser in anticipation of the bands forthcoming album .Martyrd will play both old and new material on this tour and if you are looking to see the next evolution of metal I suggest you check out this show . I recently had an opportunity to ask guitarist and founder of Martyrd some questions about music and life in general . Michael Andreas has been playing guitar since he was a teenager and even was direct support for Yngwie Malmsteen on the band’s last tour . When asked what advice he would give a budding guitar player his answer was “ Have fun and do what you love .“ before it turns into a job with rules and a time clock , just enjoy playing music for the moment . He’s right ,there is always time later to be serious, have fun when you are younger and build a love for the instrument . I also inquired about who writes the songs in the band and he stated “ Its no one person ,its really a group effort .” and that’s how a band is supposed to be a brotherhood . The band features singer Aaron Pollard, guitarists Michael Andreas and Mike Kitsos, bassist Brian Nichols, and drummer Randall Lee. I look for great things from this band .To keep up with all things Martyrd please see their official website at http://martyrd.com and to find out what great shows the Agora is hosting please check out their official website at .