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Martyr Thompson brings Pueblo Glasshouse to The Beard

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Martyr Thompson brought an idealistic approach to The Beard, on Feb. 1. He was the headlining act. Brown Ale, ZetFree Foundded and Bryson Foster were the opening acts and J-Swain was the direct support. Jade Montoya provided live art and DJ Sham was the house disc jockey.

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Thompson was introduced by the master of ceremonies, Foster, before he began his set with “Blood on the Leave”. He encouraged the crowd to make some noise, as the instrumental continued on. As he performed his second verse, he held the microphone upside down and rapped into it.

Prior to the start of “Help Me”, Thompson spoke of when he was at the low point of his life and was unable to find a job. He went onto say his family, his faith in God and his perseverance had pulled him through the difficult time.

During the introduction of “Never Felt Before”, Thompson reminisced of the time when he did not know how to approach the opposite sex. He poked fun at himself, said how he was lame and how he did not have any game. With game as his segue way, he wished the Denver Broncos luck. Then, he joked with Foster and how he was from the state of Wash.

Before “Take a Look Back”—Thompson requested everyone to praise DJ Sham, for his assistance for the emcees. Then, spoke to the spectators and recalled about his life and recapped what he had mentioned throughout his performance. He went onto say anyone who knew him from his high school days knew he did not know which social group to fit in. He went onto joke he was an emo kid who knew how to rap. Through all of his phases, he knew he kept his ability to remain true to what he believed.

Foster was asked to participate in Thompson’s finale. Thompson asked the crowd if they still remembered the classic hip-hop he remembered from the 1990s. After the crowd cheered, he went onto ask them if they remembered the song “Oh No” by Mos Def, Pharoahe Monch and Nate Dogg. Then, the instrumental of the song was heard and Foster repeatedly jumped in place. After they traded verses, the song came to an end and Thompson praised DJ Sham for assisting him with his performance.

“Sheep in Wolves Clothes” and “Round and Round” were also part of Martyr Thompson’s set.