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Martin Scorsese receives well deserved Cecil B. DeMille award at Golden Globes

Martin Scorsese wins well-deserved award at Golden Globes
Martin Scorsese wins well-deserved award at Golden Globes
photo by David Shankbone

Prolific writer, producer and director Martin Scorsese was honored with the Cecil B. DeMille award last night at the Golden Globe Awards sponsored by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.  Long an icon in modern film, he has directed 43 films since 1959, writing and/or producing many of them.  Robert DeNiro, who acted in many of Scorsese's films,  paid homage to him on the show.

Most of Scorcese's films are available on DVD at Gainesville Blockbuster stores and Movie Gallery and Netflix.  They are also available for sale or can be ordered at most local retailers that carry DVDs.

Some of the best films are:

  1. Mean Streets (set in New York's Little Italy and starring Harvey Keitel and Robert De Niro)
  2. Taxi Driver(starring Robert De Niro as a deranged cab driver and Jodi Foster as a 12 year old hooker)
  3. The Color of Money (starring Paul Newman and Tom Cruise as pool hustlers)
  4. Goodfellas (about real-life gangster Henry Hill played by Ray Liotta)
  5. Cape Fear (1991 version starring Robert De Niro)
  6. Casino
  7. Gangs of New York (starring Leonardo Di Caprio)
  8. The Age of Innocence

Check the Martin Scorsese link for a complete list with release dates and more information.

Another director honored as Best Director of a motion picture was Kathryn Bigelow for her film, The Hurt Locker, a "gripping drama" set in Iraq, which is available on DVD. Other films Bigelow has directed are; K-19 The Widowmaker, Strange Days, and Near Dark (all available on DVD).


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