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Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Bible-believing Christian


  • DustofTheEarth 5 years ago

    Admiring Jesus, and outstanding social work does not make a person a "bible believing Christian." No, ML King, Jr. was not an atheist, but, according to those who knew his religious views best, he was closer to being a Unitarian than (any kind) of bible believing Christian. King, in his college and seminary papers denied the virgin birth, the bodily resurrection of Christ, and Jesus' unique divinity. Don't believe me, check here: This is a well researched AND POSITIVE article about King's beliefs. No, I'm not trying to slur King, as indeed, he was a great man who accomplished great things for racial justice and reconciliation for America, and indeed the world. Another great man, in my opinion, was Thomas Jefferson--yet no one who knows anything about Jefferson will claim he was a "bible believing Christian" since he openly denied the deity of Jesus Christ. Jefferson also, unfortunately, kept slaves.... Do these faults destroy all the good that Jefferson and his ideas on freedom gave America and the world? No. Same is true for ML King, Jr. Just because someone isn't a "bible believing Christian" does NOT mean they can't be a great blessing to the world.

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