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Martin Luther King Day 2014: Are banks, post office, etc. open or closed Monday?

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Are banks and the post office open on Monday Jan. 20, which is Martin Luther King day 2014? What is open and closed nationwide on Monday? Martin Luther King Day is a federal holiday so while federal, state and local government offices are closed, the public sector of stores, restaurants and some businesses remain open, according to Seattle Times on Jan. 19.

Most retail and grocery stores are open on Martin Luther King Day. Mass transit is also likely on a reduced schedule operation. The trains and buses may have switched to their holiday schedule for the Martin Luther King Monday holiday.

Are liquor stores open on Martin Luther King Day Monday in your state? Where do you go to find all the answers? There's a webpage that offers the liquor laws for each state, including which holidays that the liquor stores must remain closed. (Link below). Most are following their regular Monday schedule for this holiday, but it is a good idea to check before venturing out.

Schools: Most schools are closed for the Martin Luther King Monday holiday.

Banks: Some banks are closed, but some may be open, especially those you find inside the supermarkets, so it’s best to check your bank’s website or call ahead to see if they are open on Monday Jan. 20.

U.S. Post Office:
The Post Office is closed nationwide on Monday, Martin Luther King Day. There is no mail delivery on Monday Jan. 20, 2014.

Liquor stores nationwide:
Liquor sales are different for each state, most are open on Martin Luther King Day on Monday, Jan. 20. To find out if your state allows liquor sales on this federal holiday, check the national directory on liquor stores here:
State Alcoholic Beverage or Liquor Control Board Directory

Stores, restaurants and bars: These businesses are open nationwide, unless they are otherwise closed on a Monday, like the many restaurants that close every Monday.

Mass Transit: Trains and buses in many states are operating on a holiday or weekend schedule. Check the online schedule or call your train or bus station for times. According to the White Plains Daily Voice today, Metro North will run on a Saturday schedule for the Martin Luther King holiday on Monday, Jan. 20.

Stock Markets: Financial markets are closed on Martin Luther King Day, Monday, Jan. 20, 2014, but a few electronic-trading markets are open:

Check Marketwatch here to find which electronic-trading markets are open and their times of operation.

Government offices: Most Federal, state and local government offices are closed as are courts, department of motor vehicles, libraries and other state and federally funded offices.

Garbage collection: Most city and town garbage collections will not collect garbage on Monday. Most will follow their holiday schedule where the garbage collections are pushed ahead a day.