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Martin County voter turnout as of August 23, 2014

Roosevelt Bridge in Stuart (Martin County).
Roosevelt Bridge in Stuart (Martin County).

In regards to the 2014 Florida Primary Election (according to the Martin County Supervisor of Elections website), Martin County voter turnout participation as of August 23, 2014 is as follows-----Early Voting Totals: 2,431; Vote By Mail as of August 23, 2014: 13,135; Total votes to date as of August 23, 2014: 15,566. Overall, registered voter breakdown in Martin County equals to: Republican: 52,050; Democrat: 27,092; Other: 25,545; Total: 104,687.

In acknowledgement that 15,566 registered voters have made their selections that leaves 89,121 voters that need to come forth on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 to voice their opinion and join in with the 15,566 citizens that have already voted to show support for their candidates and/or issues that are important to each individual throughout Martin County.

Wake up Martin County and show that you are not asleep during this Mid-Term Primary Election. Now it is onward to Tuesday and the results that will lead in the Republican and Democratic closed elections and the Non-Partisan races such as the School Board, County Judge and Martin County Soil & Water Conservation that will be well suited to the needs and desires of the people of Martin County ( see 2014 Qualified Candidates).

What the voters of Martin County need to do is plant seeds of positive production by doing the following:

Consider planting (in the minds and spirits of the people) lettuce to let us come together in unity and plant vast rows of turnips so that citizens turn up to vote and vote with conviction; squash to squash out and let us not stand with intolerance, indifference and ill-will; plant peas of purpose, to plan and prosper productively for all that are willing to work together and thrive as we face the future with high hopes and great expectations for our county, state and country.