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Martin Brodeur has a laugh at expense of Dancing with the Stars' Sean Avery

The history between New Jersey Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur and Sean Avery goes back as far as the infamous 2008 playoff series in which the NHL created a new rule against the now retired New York Rangers agitator, who made a spectacle of himself by screening Brodeur in the most unconventional of ways.

Martin Brodeur gets screened by Sean Avery during a 2008 playoff matchup between the New Jersey Devils and New York Rangers
Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

During that series,Avery, who joined the latest season of ABC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’, stood facing the Devils’ goaltender while waving his stick like a proud college cheerleader leading the football team onto the field.

It may have been comical to Avery and the Rangers back then, but it’s surely Brodeur who gets the last laugh as Avery salsa’s off the set of the hit ABC show.

“I didn’t watch- I don’t watch those shows- but I was watching NHL Network and they mentioned it,” Brodeur told Randy Miller of on Wednesday.

“What more could he do to embarrass himself?” Brodeur told Miller. “There it is!”

While Avery’s dance career ended-surprisingly- faster than that of his time in the NHL, he’s not taking the blame.

The 33-year old blames the producers of DWTS for wrongly portraying the bully who has been accused of heckling fans while a member of the Dallas Stars, received a suspension for commenting to the media about an ex-girlfriend who at the time was dating Dion Phaneuf (the two have since married), mocked a former teammate who spoke with a lisp, and skated past Tim Thomas during a timeout just to hit him in the head with his stick.That’s just to name a few incidents that don’t even touch on his in-game behavior.

Wrongly portrayed, for sure.

“I think we knew as of probably Monday as of last week our fate was sealed. I had a conversation with Conrad Green, I think is one of the producers. I was upset at the package they had run the week before. It was a very tacky attempt to show me as the bad boy of ‘Dancing with the Stars’,” Avery told Good Morning America, via Mediaite. “ And I think in reality TV or some sort of competition, if you have a some sort of disagreement with the producers, that seals your fate quite early.”

For now, Avery is once again out of the spotlight. But don’t worry, Avery fan, I’m sure he will find another way to reappear.

There’s always the next season of 'America’s Next Top Model.'

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