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Martin and McClelland join Art & Brew with florals and abstracts

Sugar Candy
Sugar Candy
Andrea Martin

Seventeen artists will fill the Roseville Brewing Company with their art on April 26, 2014. Two of those artists include Andrea Martin and Suzanne McClelland along with curator Gayle Rappaport-Weiland, photographer Philip Venable, scratchboard artist Ann Ranlett and others with ceramics, jewelry, fine art, mosaics, and much more. The Art & Brew event will offer a full range of displayed art for sale with portions of the proceeds dedicated to benefit the Placer SPCA which is also anticipated to be on site with their pet mobile.

Martin and McClelland join Art & Brew
Art & Brew, Suzanne McClelland, Andrea Martin, Placer SPCA

Andrea Martin is an artist “inspired by the shapes and colors of flowers, calming landscapes and the way light can make ordinary objects look extraordinary.” Her primary mediums are watercolor, oil, acrylic and mixed media but she is foremost known for her vibrant floral watercolors. She says that the transparency of watercolors allows her to “capture the essence of flower petals” in a way that truly speaks to her and clearly she hears the call because many of her florals radiate a sense of beauty. The colors are often both vibrant but peaceful much like the calming essence of a garden in bloom.

Andrea explains, “my goal when I paint is to capture what I feel when I look at something and to invoke that same feeling in someone else when they look at my paintings.” Her landscapes also often imbue a sense of calm and tranquility in a way that makes someone want to reach deeper into the blessings of nature. She is also currently experimenting with combining various mediums with other materials to create some very exciting new results.

The Art & Brew event appeals to Andrea Martin because of the unusual and enticing combination of art and beer. Wine and art are often paired together in exhibits and receptions but beer is not so often the expected companion for art shows. However, Andrea appreciates the art of craft beer and The Roseville Brewing Company is a true craft beer brewery. She enjoys a good IPA and says her husband is a major beer lover and they both anticipate that Art & Brew attendees will feel the same way about the pairing – a great idea.

The Placer SPCA benefit also makes the partnership even more rewarding. Andrea has been a lifelong cat lover although their home is currently absent a pet. It seems the love for cats will soon give way to fulfilling a parental promise to get a puppy for the family this year. When attending the Art & Brew event, interested art patrons may be required to search her out at the Placer SPCA pet mobile that may be on site with adoptable canines and felines.

Fellow Art & Brew artist Suzanne McClelland also does not currently have a pet; however, her last four-legged fur baby was a "wonderful beagle" who shared her home for 17 years. True animal lover McClelland finds that “working with shapes, design, color and various techniques on canvas and pastel papers” is exciting and rewarding. She is an artist, a teacher, a designer and an art consultant and her message to the world is to “enjoy the Journey of Possibilities.”

Suzanne describes her work as “contemporary with a traditional flair” and is often classified as abstract. Her favorite mediums have become soft pastel and acrylic on canvas after beginning with oils in the early ‘80s including studying with abstract oils artist Dwight Eberly.

McClelland’s love for abstract designs and vibrant color make much of her work bold and direct in their statement. While the images are classified as abstract they clearly have a sense of pattern and meaning as well as movement. However, the vivid and bold aspects of her work do not overpower the subtleties and a story unfolds in the layers of color and shape.

While Suzanne McClelland admits that she is not much of a beer drinker herself, one is likely to find some good craft beer chilling in her frig due to her husband’s appreciation of beer. The art of craft beer won’t be entirely lost on her sensibilities because most artists tend to appreciate all forms of artistry whether on the canvas, in the kitchen, in the garden or wood shop, or at the brewery. Dedicated and inspirational artists can be found in all manner of arts and crafts and the Art & Brew event will be brimming over.

Please see the slideshow above for images of Andrea Martin’s and Suzanne McClelland’s works. You can find out more about Art & Brew from the general announcement article here or from curator Gayle Rappaport-Weiland at (916) 435-4096 or Other Art & Brew articles featuring photographer Philip Venable can be found here, scratchboard artist Ann Ranlett here and event curator and artist Gayle Rappaport-Weiland here.

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