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Martial Law; is it coming to your city?

What is it going to take to get all of America to wake up and see what our dictator-in-chief is up to? For heaven’s sake, people, he has been doling out one unconstitutional executive order after another. He has been appointing those known to have connections with known terrorist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, who also have links to other terrorist organizations, to high federal offices.

This is what could happen here across America.
This is what could happen here across America.

The thing that is very frightening now, is what looks like our government preparing and training our police and soldiers right here in America, not to go fight in a war in some far away country like Afghanistan or Iraq, but right here at home. Are we preparing for war right here in our homeland and who is it that we are going to be fighting? Well, we do have enemies here, but are we preparing to war with them? Not likely. Then what?

Well, folks, this is the reality of things; our government is doing its best to start some unrest in our country and once that happens, guess what? They can implement martial law. That seems a bit far-fetched you’re probably thinking. Oh, ye who do not understand!

FEMA is building encampments all over our country. They are pretty big installations and can hold a lot of people. They are surrounded by barbed wire to keep people in not out. Why do you think any of this would be necessary? Could it be they are planning to round people up and imprison them to be able to control them? What other reason would there be? Oh yes, they will say they are there in case of a catastrophic emergency. Do you really believe that? Why, the, the barbed wire? Does anybody see any of this as a bit fishy? You may say this is just a conspiracy theory. Will you think the same after watching this video? There are others if you just look for them.

Why would our government want to use martial law in a country that is truly peaceful? Why would our so-called president use or abuse his presidential power to give an executive order for such an extreme measure? After all, martial law is something that usually comes into play during a war or civil uprising or unrest. Such an order would require the use of military force. Well that explains why they are training both the police and military for what they see as inevitable in this country; complete unrest.

Under martial law, military personnel would have the authority to enforce both civil and criminal laws. It would also mean that people would be subject to unreasonable searches and seizures and their ability to move about freely would be greatly hindered. Any resistance to the militarized police could result in injuries or death. There would no longer be rights for the citizens because martial law curtails those rights.

Men are being trained as we speak to take orders to shoot any Americans who do not conform to these unlawful acts. If this is not so, then why has the Department of Homeland Security purchased 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. Some of this ammunition is what is called “hollow point” rounds and has been forbidden for use in wars internationally. So why is our DHS stocking up on this ammo? This is all leading toward what presidents have been seeking for decades; a New World Order.

Do you know what happens when these hollow point rounds are fired? Unless you are familiar with it you probably don’t. Well, here is what happens. When this type of ammo is used, it expands on impact to almost three times its size. That means that the wounds from them are bigger and far more lethal to those caught in the line of fire. If it is banned internationally, why is it necessary to have it in store here on America’s soil with our DHS?

When Mr. Obama said he was going to fundamentally transform America, people cheered and applauded. Why was that? Exactly what was it about America that he felt needed changing? Did those people really feel America needed changing? Well, right off hand, it seems that his aim was our Constitution and our military. Those were probably his most important targets and there’s no doubt he’s done a pretty good job at trying to disseminate and weaken the effectiveness of both. And now, he’s trying to set us up for a civil war? Neither he nor any of his supporters in this administration will stop until our entire country has become a war zone. Is that what you want? Is this the legacy we will leave for our posterity?

What is puzzling is why were so many Americans anxious to see Obama fundamentally change our country? Why was there not outrage at the mere suggestion that the greatest nation on earth needed to have anything changed? She has been doing very well under the guidance of our forefather’s legacy, which was truth, justice and liberty for all Americans whether native born or legally immigrated citizens. Of course we know that he’s more interested in protecting the ‘rights’ of those who come here illegally rather than the rights of our citizenry.

Why have we allowed this un-American intruder to sit in the highest place of honor in our country; the office of President of these United States?

Although it’s true that some past presidents may have made wrong choices and decisions while serving their terms as president, they pale enormously in comparison to what this president (Obama) has done to our country.
Folks, this is serious stuff. It’s not a fantasy; it’s real. It can happen if we don’t unite together from every clime of life, from every background, race, religious belief, even sexual orientation. We must come together and put a stop to this presidential disaster called Barack Obama.

Are you getting the picture here? Are you willing to remain silent and let this continue? There are groups that are trying desperately to prevent Mr. Obama from placing our country under “martial law” but they need the support of all of us who are able to help.

We need to gather our families, friends and neighbors as much as possible so we can be a part of saving our country from martial law and the inevitable following of a New World Order. It’s up to us; you and me, to choose. What is it going to be?

You can go to and see how you can help them. Even Pat Boone is working with them to help stop Obama from implementing Martial Law. If you go on Facebook, you can find a number of groups working for the same end.

The threat and likelihood of Mr. Obama implementing martial law is evident as shown in the videos included in this article. Please don’t doubt! This may very well happen if we, as a country, don’t unite to stop it.

Those of you who have read previous articles probably think these words sound like a broken record, but you know what? If that’s what it takes to get people to realize we are past just doing nothing and hoping for the best, then that’s what this writer will do. Sometimes it takes hearing something over enough times to see the big picture. New information comes with the repetition.

Hopefully we will see success and our country will become the strong nation she has always been until the rule of “king” Obama. We can do it, America! Yes, we can!!