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Martial Blade Concepts Seminar at Forteza Martial Arts

 Mike Janich's Yojimbo knife and the modified "Chicagojimbo" that he customized for Forteza's Keith Jennings.
Mike Janich's Yojimbo knife and the modified "Chicagojimbo" that he customized for Forteza's Keith Jennings.
Keith Jennings

With the 2014 deep freeze starting to get to everyone in the Chicago area, making plans for future fun is one way to beat back the extended winter blues. Get in on an early bird price for a two-day seminar on Martial Blade Concepts presented by Michael Janich if you register by April 1!

The seminar will take place at Forteza Fitness and Martial Arts in Lincoln Square. In addition to presenting instruction on the latest refinements of MBC’s standard-grip methods, the seminar "will also include rarely-seen instruction in the MBC approach to traditional weapon skills, including single stick, double stick, sword/machete, and espada ydaga (sword and dagger) tactics.

The first day of the seminar will focus on reviewing critical knife skills, focusing on the "details of structure, timing, body position, angles, footwork, and leverage." Janich will also fine tune the execution of reflex training drills and demonstrate methods of combining drills into strategic training sets for a variety of purposes.

According to Forteza's release, "In day two of the seminar, Janich will share his perspective on traditional Filipino weapon skills, applying MBC’s proven analytical process to classical Filipino martial arts technique to extract practical, combat-worthy skills and tactics." The second session address the use of weaponry tactics, including sticks, swords/machetes, and sword-and-dagger tactics, as well as other aspects of Janich’s Sobadiwan Eskrima system.

Register by April 1 to get the Early Bird Registration discount of $150. Pre-Registration prices of $175 are valid until May 3 and registration on the day of the seminar is $200.

For more information or to register, contact Forteza Fitness and Martial Arts at 773.271.3988 or email them at

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