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Martial Arts world pushes ahead for a better future

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The final day of the 2014 Martial Arts Super Show was not, in any way, a disappointment. The entire 3 day experience has left everyone in attendance with a new sense of mission, or at least a renewal of their focus. As the attendees travel home over the next few days they will be reviewing notes taken and forming plans for the future.

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Attendees had the opportunity to discover new equipment thanks to the host, Century Martial Arts and vendors such as Actionflex and Zebra Mats. If they were looking for school management software it could be found from Champions Way and Main Stack. Seeking a new art or programming offer? Look no further, three different Krav Maga groups were represented along with XMA and other more traditional martial arts styles. Most of all, those who attended in search of knowledge and guidance were not disappointed. In the course of three days attendees could attendall manner of training sessions, talks and round table discussions on just aboutevery subject imaginable.

Every year the Super Show has a central theme, a 'take away' that runs through every talk and activity. This year the folks at MAIA focused on the concept of "impact through service". When the instructors and school owners return home this year they will be well armed and prepared to make a positive difference in their community. From serving students to community outreach efforts, the martial arts industry is preparing to take another big step forward in the effort to make our world a better place to live.